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I must admit, I came to Dr. Aslan, and the field of Chiropractic in general, with a substantial bit of skepticism. At the initial interview, the staff (who are all wonderful, polite and knowledgeable) asks you to think hard and recite literally any malady that may ail you. In my case, they promised that, should I engage the doctor's services and follow my prescribed treatment thoroughly, I would see improvement in many of my areas of complaint. In my mind, this was the classic "snake-oil" sales pitch, but I had decided that I was going to go through with signing onto treatment regardless of my misgivings.

The thing is, they were right.

Doctor Aslan makes a point of educating his patients about his methodology, the field of chiropractic in general, and the profound interconnectedness of our biological systems; specifically - how all of our organs and functional controls must pass through the conduit of the spine. He must be on to something, because having presented to the doctor seeking help for a sore shoulder, I find myself saying goodbye to my chronic, excruciating acid reflux. So long, infrequent but painful-to-the-point-of-concern headaches. Adios, inexplicably stiff necks. You were never welcome, and I will not miss you.

It almost becomes exciting to see what new complaint I will be forever rid of as I progress along my course of treatment. I would suggest Dr. Aslan to anyone interested in pursuing chiropractic treatment, and I would assert him even more strongly to those who aren't. As the good doctor will tell you, modern (let's be frank - pharmaceutical) medicine is focused almost entirely on treating symptoms. As he concedes, it certainly has its place. But his practice, his focus, and his ethos is about treating the cause. It is a team undertaking - you must be willing to put effort into your own wellbeing. Dr. Aslan will not patch you up and send you out with a script - he will show you how to allow your body to heal itself.
Maximillian S.

Amazing. Gentle doctor, extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff, super accommodating office and effective drug and surgery free pain relief. I suffered from terrible headaches from the time I woke up in the morning for 2 1/2 years. They had an effect on driving, my job , my social life. I went to at least 7 doctors: neurologists, ENTs, allergists; I had MRIs, CT scans, blood tests, etc., and tried countless meds. NOBODY could find a reason or an effective treatment. It was a guessing game. Dr. Aslan pinpointed the area causing my pain and also showed me how crooked and squished my spine and body were. Everything in my body was off, I suffered not only from headaches but depression, GERD and neck and back pain as well.

After only two adjustments, I had a 50% decrease in the frequency of my headaches that week. After two more adjustments, they were gone. It's only been about a month so far, but I have increased ROM in my neck, my mood is better and I have had maybe one very mild headache. I can't say enough! I feel like a new person.
Meghan M.