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Infant Condition Testimonials

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Infant Chiropractic Treatment

I took my newborn baby girl to Dr. Aslan yesterday for her first adjustment! She is 9 days old and I had no complications in my pregnancy or during labor and delivery. (I was getting weekly adjustments myself through out my pregnancy.) I brought her in because a person's first subluxation occurs through the delivery process. It's everyone's first trauma. Dr. Aslan gently checked her and gave her the first adjustments. I never noticed but after the adjustment I'm finding that she is having and easier time burping. Dr. Aslan adjusted her 10th thoracic vertebra and you could see the relief on her face as he released the pressure from her nerves. Those nerves go to the stomach and the intestines so I'm sure that's what made things easier for her. I thank Dr. Aslan and his staff for the amazing healing care they give in their office. I wouldn't go anywhere else! Kristin J.